Let’s be honest, it can be extremely difficult just to start changing your eating habits. You make the initial declaration and mental preparation, usually at the beginning of the work week. There may be a few missteps in this journey (I should know), but here are 8 awesome psychological tricks to lose weight fast.

8 Awesome Psychological Tricks To Lose Weight Fast
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1. Replace Those Late Night Snacks with Healthy Food

Sometimes in the middle of the night, your stomach starts to growl and the only thing you can think of reaching for is a cookie or danish. It’s usually something very carby and tasty. During my research, many specialists recommend replacing the bad snack with a good snack. Instead of a cookie, have an apple. From personal experience, when I get the midnight munchies, I drank a lot of cold water that I keep on the side of my bed. Yeah, I eventually have to wake up and pee, but I have prevented myself from binge eating without the opportunity to burn fat.

2. Eat Meals on Smaller Dishes

Eating meals on smaller dishes is a great way to train your mind and body to eat smaller portions. In the United States, we are taught to eat all of our food, but our plates are rather large compared to other places around the world. Have you ever been to a buffet expecting to only get one salad? Hell no! You have to set yourself up for success. Use smaller dishes and gulp down a large amount of cold water with your meal. You will find that cold water with a meal decreases your appetite substantially.

3. Change Your Eating Location

Eating and psychology go hand in hand. Most of the time when we eat a lot, we are not eating because of hunger, but for comfort. When we sit down for a great meal, we may feel as if we want a second helping, but if you change your location, you will find that you are no longer hungry. Changing location serves as a distraction and can ultimately prevent you from eating more calories when your body no longer needs nourishment.

4. Eat Slower During Meals

Have you noticed that sometimes you eat food so fast, you never really get to enjoy the meal? It’s as if you are speed eating to get full; but, when you eat faster, you eat more. There are psychological footprints to this theory. Professionals recommend that you take your time eating to ensure that you know when you are full. Speed eating interrupts the signal the stomach sends to the brain that tells us when we are indeed full. Slow down your eating and listen to your body. Eat to live, don’t live to eat (there are exceptions, lol).

5. Decrease Social Eating

Decreasing social eating is definitely hard when your friends enjoy gossip over delicious and greasy food. Sometimes going to eat is the most convenient outing for friends, but try thinking outside of the box. Instead of gossiping at your local restaurant, why not have a girls day out at a pole dancing class, or attend a group hiking expedition. Not every social outing has to revolve around large delicious meals with free bread and butter.

6. Keep a Weekly Shopping List

Keeping a weekly shopping list will always save you from stopping at a fast food joint in the middle of the week. For those who enjoy counting calories as a means of weight loss, managing daily meals is important. Having a weekly shopping list will also prevent you from straying off your path of healthy eating and picking up a chocolate cake. You will also notice that you won’t spend as much money on items that you already have in your kitchen.

7. Say No To Dessert (Well…Not Forever)

Saying no to dessert can be a battle within yourself that causes much distress. If you work in an environment where people find reasons to celebrate (like birthdays, baby showers, retirements, promotions, or terminations) it is difficult to turn away from the many desserts that come with the various office celebrations. Instead of indulging, make sure that you eat prior to the engagement, and eat the one healthy dish that the one healthy person bought that day. And if you want to get a piece of cake, make it a small piece. No big deal.

8. Eat Heavier In The Morning, Lighter at Night

This is a no brainer. Breakfast should be a heavier meal than your lunch and dinner due to your activity levels being higher in the morning and slowly decreasing towards bedtime. When eating a large breakfast, afterward you are either completing errands or busy working at the office. There are several opportunities to be active during the day, but at night, your body is settling down and getting into rest mode. Eating a heavy dinner will prevent opportunities to burn fat, and will ultimately cause weight gain. Eating a light dinner such as a chicken salad will ensure that you wake up feeling fresh and light.

8 Awesome Psychological Tricks To Lose Weight Fast

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