About The Curvy Girls

This blog is inspiring and motivating to ALL women who knows that the struggle of stress and anxiety is real throughout this world and we aren’t alone in battling within ourselves. You will get a good laugh at this universe that I have created, but you will also feel empowered, goofy, and happy.

Emotional Wellness

Our emotional well-being should be a priority in our lives and I’m not afraid to tell the truth about my own issues with stress, depression, self-confidence, anxiety, etc. Women should support one another in all aspects of life.

Political Stress Chronicles

You may notice a lot of political banter on this blog because politics affects women. It is so important for women to stay informed about political issues that will ultimately affect all of our lives.

Remember, improving your overall wellness is not about losing weight, it’s about feeling happiness within your own body and mind. -curvybee

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4 thoughts on “About The Curvy Girls

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. As I have explained, all women have curves. Some have more pronounced curves, and others have subtle curves. Furthermore, this is a blog to uplift women. The blog addresses stress, anxiety, physical health, emotional health. Life is not all about who is “fat” and “skinny.” It’s about loving yourself and finding new ways of enhancing your happiness depending on your desires in life. But again, thank you for visiting my blog and I only wish you the best in this bytch.

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