About The Curvy Girls

This is a haven for curvy bees who have the desire to maintain or improve their overall physical and emotional health. This blog inspiring and motivating to those who want to know that the struggle of stress and anxiety is real throughout this world and we aren’t alone in battling within ourselves.

Our physical and emotional well-being should be a priority in our lives and I’m not afraid to tell the truth about my own issues with stress, depression, self-confidence, anxiety, weight management, etc.


As a curvy girl who has lost some weight during this past year, I will always be realistic about my struggles at living a healthier life. We are human and fall off the wagon, but it’s never too late to saddle back up and improve your health and wellness. Never give up and always know that there is someone who is going through the same struggles as you.

Overall physical wellness is inevitably influenced by emotional health. I have suffered anxiety for years and it took Zumba to help me come out of my shell without fear. Tools to combat anxiety can be anything that makes you feel alive and self-confident.

To be up front and honest, this site will offer many products, mostly active wear, that cater to curvy girls. I love designing active wear and showing it off at the gym, just to let everyone know that curvy girls are the shyt.


Remember, improving physical wellness is not about losing weight, it’s about feeling happiness within your own body and mind. -curvybee


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3 thoughts on “About The Curvy Girls

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. As I have explained, all women have curves. Some have more pronounced curves, and others have subtle curves. Furthermore, this is a blog to uplift women. The blog addresses stress, anxiety, physical health, emotional health. Life is not all about who is “fat” and “skinny.” It’s about loving yourself and finding new ways of enhancing your happiness depending on your desires in life. But again, thank you for visiting my blog and I only wish you the best in this bytch.

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