As an adventurer of emotional and physical wellness, I often find that there are so many unconventional tools that aren’t utilized to decrease ongoing anxiety. The most used tools are exercise or meditation; however, there is another ground-breaking option that you can add to your mindfulness tool belt. Adult coloring books has been a trend since 2012, but it has reached astounding heights of popularity in the emotional wellness realm. Being the mindfulness adventurer that I am, I decided to place a temporary hold on traditional meditation, and take part in some good old fashion coloring.

Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

Before you dismiss this idea altogether, you should understand that there are legit studies that bolster the effective benefits of adult coloring. The most important benefit is the decrease in anxiety. Have you experienced overwhelming racing thoughts that won’t allow you to have any peace? Putting a crayon to a piece of paper can take away some of your worry temporarily because your mind will be occupied in efficiently coloring within the lines and creating a work of art. Investing in adult coloring is not therapeutic treatment, but it can still allow you to distance yourself from stressful thoughts for a time. Also, coloring allows you to regress to your younger self, when grownup bull-shyt wasn’t your problem, and intense stress was nonexistent.

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Getting Started

Don’t believe the hype that you have to pay $10 bucks for an adult coloring book. I went to my local Dollar Tree and got a coloring book for $3 bucks. The coloring book was very intricate and each page had motivational quotes. I absolutely loved it. Lastly, I bought some color pencils and crayons (on the cheap).

The next step for me was deciding exactly when the coloring process would take place. I work full time and I have a family. When would I carve out the time to enjoy this unconventional activity? And then it hit me, right before I go to sleep. I often struggle to fall asleep after getting the kids to bed, so coloring in my bed without distraction was perfect. I didn’t have the television blasting, I closed my bedroom door, and I comfortably eased into coloring just one page. I was at peace.

Since starting the activity this week, I have completed two coloring pages, and the results of this activity was absolutely astounding. Each time I completed a page, I was able to reduce racing thoughts and sometimes would fall asleep while coloring. I will definitely keep my coloring book and crayons by my bedside and incorporate it into my nightly routine.

Here are the two coloring pages I completed this week!

Just try it guys. You have nothing to lose. And who doesn’t like coloring?



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3 Comments on Color Me Sane: Adult Coloring Books and Ground Breaking Benefits for Anxiety

  1. What a great post! I love this activity! My family has treated me to some very specialized books to my personal liking and I enjoy all of them. It is peaceful, calming and creative. What’s not to love about adult coloring? I can appreciate your wisdom in carving out time in a busy schedule to play in this art form. Sometimes you just have to make the time to take care of yourself! <3

    • Thanks for engaging. We all have to remember to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we get so engulfed in taking care of our family and being there for friends, that we never take the time to do something that rests our minds. Coloring rests my mind at night and I never have trouble falling asleep afterward. It’s the little things that are tools for self care. thanks for dropping by.

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