Anxiety and building confidence. When people think of anxiety, they think of fear. Some people make the mistake of thinking fear is associated with weakness; which couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have a fear of failing at a goal, you either lash out or you back down.You can be a fighter or you can back down and run away. Which ever you choose, make sure that you defeat the anxiety that is holding you back from building confidence in yourself.

 Anxiety and Building Confidence Is A Life Long Struggle

anxiety building confidence

I remember a time when I was at my Zumba class and this stank azz bytch thought it acceptable to come and stand right in front of me, violating my personal space. Of course all kinds of thoughts raced through my mind. Should I just move? Should I politely ask this bytch to move? The first time it happened, I moved to another spot because I wanted to enjoy my Zumba experience. The second time this random wretchy twat got in my way, I wasn’t in flight mode, I was in fight mode. I could feel the anger building inside to a point where I felt like a crazy person. So, I stepped right back in front of the rude lady and said “excuse me.” And the look I gave her was daring, daring that her rude azz would say something back. She moved away and the situation did not escalate.

This story is pretty random, but despite my anxiety, I was able to take up for myself and was ready to beat this bytch azz if she got out of line. Now, when I say beat her azz, i just mean giver her a piece of my mind. I’m not a confrontational person, but right is right, and wrong is wrong. It’s okay to have confidence in yourself despite feelings of anxiety.

Have you had a similar experience with anxiety and building self-esteem?

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