Crafting can be anything that you feel like creating. And it’s important to know that you don’t have sell your crafting projects, you can keep them for yourself as future inspiration.

Crafting is a type of therapy for me. I combine my love for art and sparkly things and try to create something that I can to wear to a festival or carnival event. The thought of building or transforming something into a beautiful work of art is mentally and emotionally fulfilling.

Happy Anniversary to Forest Brook High Class of ’00

I was so inspired by my twenty year high school anniversary that I wanted to dedicate a crown to those wonderful four years of my youth. We were the blue and gold jaguars! This was a time where I fell in love with dance and the arts.

Creating this headpiece was so exciting, frustrating, difficult, and fulfilling. I have this addiction to using beads and rhinestones on my head pieces. It took me about a month to finish the entire crown, but it was worth the madness. But during the entire process I had wonderful memories of high school and how proud I was to wear my school colors.

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic has totally encompassed our lives, it’s important to keep close the memories that make you smile. While completing this project I was consumed with so much happiness I didn’t have time to fall into despair.

Research and complete a crafting project that consumes you and makes you happy during Covid-19. I promise that it will be therapeutic and emotionally stabilizing.

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