Anxiety is experienced by approximately 40 million people around the world. It is an overwhelming feeling of dread that can cause a total shutdown of your personal and professional life. It is time for us to confront our anxiety and allow ourselves to be happy.

I’ve always been too afraid to come out and admit that I suffer from anxiety because I felt such shame. It seems that disturbances in mental wellness is embarrassing and can make you feel weak. Just uttering the words anxiety disorder can cause you to feel like you’re damaged.

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Confront Anxiety By Prioritizing Your Happiness

I’ve decided to confront my anxiety by facing my deepest fears and do things outside my comfort zone. I’ve decided to stay consistent with things I love to do, and things I know well to help build confidence.

Dance has always been a passion of mine and after having two children and reaching my thirties, I thought that part of my life was over. However, that is not the case at all. I talk about Zumba all over this blog because it’s something that has become an enjoyable confidence building activity. I can continue to dance while also refining my curvy shape.

Physical well-being goes hand in hand with mental wellness. I’ve decided to address anxious feelings by using natural remedies such as Black Seed Oil and Moringa Seeds. Although these are dietary supplements and don’t cure anything; however, I find that I have more energy and my anxiety subsides. Natural remedies may not be for you, you definitely should speak to a doctor about your unique experience of anxiety.

Take an interest in your physical and mental well-being by working on yourself consistently. Life is not all about work, it should also center around your happiness. If you fail to keep working on your anxiety, you allow it to defeat your happiness. Embrace the awkward feelings that occur when you confront your anxiety. Once you confront and embrace anxiety, you can surpass those awkward feelings and be the best you.

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