It’s important for the masses to know that curvy girls dance too. We can kick our legs high, bend our backs far reaching, and shake our azzes with sexy perfection.

Curvy Girls Dance Too Despite Conventional Standards

Our society has shown us what the standard of dancers or aerobic instructors are like, and often, those so-called perfect dancers are very thin with no curves in sight.

Since my journey of dance fitness, I’ve come across a wide variety of instructors who are not the precious weight standard society has set for dance or aerobics. I’ve taken classes from very agile instructors who have a few curves, but they are energetic and inspiring, paired with endurance I’m hoping to attain one day.

Curvy Guys Dance Too

I have a friend who attends a private club, and she says her dance fitness instructor looks like a regular dude who eats two burgers a night, with a gallon of Diet Pepsi. But she says he is the best damn instructor at the gym. According to her testimonial, he is motivating, knowledgeable, and his classes are loads of fun.

Curvy Girls Dance Too

Regular people who are able to shake their azzes and demonstrate professional instruction proves conventional standards are pure and utter bull shyt. Don’t be discouraged. Curvy girls dance too!

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