Bad Ass Freshman Congresswomen Fcking Republicans Up The Ass

No matter your political standing, you can’t deny that the freshman woman of congress are some of the feistiest and outspoken bad asses in office right now. It is politically refreshing to see these profound women represent the American people. Why? Because usually our government looks like a sea of older white men who have no idea what women want or need. Women must be represented, and these new congresswomen are doing their jobs, and making no apologies for pissing people off. Bring on the drama my sisters!

These four women, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley were embraced by their constituencies and they are in office to disrupt the grandiose bullshyt that has plagued congress for a decade. They are going to Washington to Slay the fck out of Congress and our terrorist President. These four women have their own personalities and experiences, but no matter their differences, they serve as a signal that our country is changing progressively. We want more representation that reflects our values, and lets face it, our representatives now are only interested in tax cuts for the rich and eating Trumps diseased asshole.

Who Are These Unicorns and Why Are They Changing American Politics?

To answer this question we have to introduce ourselves to these wonderful newcomers who have ruffled a few feathers since being sworn in as congresswomen. I am always up for the political drama, and these women deliver that drama quite elegantly.

AOC (The Boss Bish)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is probably the most familiar of the new congresswomen, mainly because she is very outspoken and her Twitter feed is both lit as fck and entertaining. She doesn’t shy away from those who criticize her ideas, and lets face it, she is always prepared for a political fight. I follow her on twitter religiously and she never lets me down with her feisty tweets and interviews. She is all about the business of government and she doesn’t mind digging in that azz. This woman basically called herself “the boss” in response to older congressman criticizing her about her bold ideas, specifically the Green New Deal. She is in Congress to make a difference, that is what American is about. Not old gassy bastards who just want to sit around, fart, and scratch their hairy asses. If you don’t like her ideas, present new and innovative ideas. She is a bad bish!

Rashida Tlaib (The Confident Bish)

Rashida Tlaib is a Muslim American congresswoman who I was not familiar with until she decided to highlight the utter racism that was brought into the Michael Cohen congressional hearing. If you didn’t sit through this long azz hearing, the congressman, Mark Meadows, decided to prove that Donald Trump couldn’t possibly be racist because he employed an African American women, who was present in the hearing. Rashida wasn’t having it an basically got Meadows all the way together real quick. He attempted to speak over her, but she was intent on dominating that moment and was able to finish her thought. Mark Meadows turned red and was on the brink of tears. I had a grand healthy laugh at such a racist bastard. She eventually stated that the political stunt was racist but not Mark Meadows the person; however, the media released a video of Mark Meadows speaking to a crowd about Barack Obama going back to Kenya. This is why our representation has to change. We can not continue with these old men making decisions on our behalf, because they do not represent our interests. Best characteristic of this diva, she wants to impeach Donald Trump. She is a bad bish!

Ilhan Omar (The I Don’t Give a Fck Bish)

Ilhan Omar, the first Somali Muslim woman, initially didn’t make too many waves in Congress, but she made controversial statements regarding the Israel and Palestinian conflict. Although she did eventually apologize for her statements, I can’t say that I totally disagree with her thoughts on the matter. She spoke truth to power. I understand that the United States has a special relationship with Israel, but why the hell do we have to put up with them treating other human beings like shyt? No matter where you live in this world, people should not look away when bad things are happening. But my favorite statement is her criticism of Lindsey Graham, which many Americans agree, he is a total Trump dck puller and traitor. Ilhan unapologetically stated that Lindsey Graham must be on the take by the Trump Crime Family (I mean administration) the way he abruptly started defending Trump. I think Democrats should stop apologizing; when was the last time Donald Trump apologized for anything. Any how, she is a bad bish!

Ayanna Pressley (The “Fck Trump Bish)

Look, Ayanna don’t give two hot shyts about her being a freshman congresswoman because she came for the President directly and urged him to get his shyt together. She speaks truth to power no matter how controversial her ideas may seem. She wants to abolish ice, an idea that most Republican racists are outraged by. Well, despite her bold ideas, she defeated a long running Congressman because people wanted significant change in this country. She is a breathe of fresh air and is not afraid to go up against career congressmen. If she’s not your bad bish, she definitely is mine.

Final Note

Please do not be offended by me referencing these women as bishes! I only mean this term in the most complimentary way possible while drinking vodka.

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