The Gemini Mohawk Project

Mohawks are a symbol of strength and a resistance to the normalcy of society. This Mohawk crafting project really compelled me to activate all of the creativity that lives inside my body. I topped it off with a little light for long lasting intrigue. Check it out!

Gemini Mohawk

There are many people who take up crafting to either combat stress or to make a little extra money. I craft for stress management and to take my mind off of everyday annoyances.

I’ve always been intrigued with Mohawks. They are truly a symbol of strength and mystery. I have named my mohawk the Gemini Mohawk as it truly symbolizes my personality and astrological sign.

Gemini Mohawk

This project required me to spend hours online learning to sew beads onto felt. I drew the swivels by hand, and then went absolutely insane with the rhinestones and beads. Creativity has no bounds.

Gemini Mohawk

I thought after creating this Mohawk that I would sell it on Etsy or Ebay, but I just can’t bring myself to do so. This represents me…so it will be a part of my bedroom decor forever…or until the hubby tells me to get rid of it, which would probably never since he loves my creativity. Maybe I can implement into our late night adventures…LMAO!

Gemini Mohawk

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