Group class etiquette has fallen by the wayside. Since my health and fitness journey began, in many group exercise classes, I’ve noticed there are those who feel as if they either own the establishment, and those who make others totally uncomfortable with their rude tendencies.

Don’t Reserve Spots for Friends

One of my pet peeves of group class etiquette includes people reserving spots for their friends prior to their arrival with random items such as water bottles or towels. I know you’re thinking, well dang, stop being petty. It’s not petty when you make it a priority to be in class at least thirty to fifteen minutes just to get a good spot. If I’m a stickler for being at the front of the class, and I make the effort to be there, someone running late, or someone who may not even attend should not have first dibs on being in the front. I swear I’m not one of those people who has to be in the front of the class all the time (or am I?)

Group Class Etiquette:
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Don’t Show Up Late and Get In Front of Other Fabulous Bees

It is understandable that life happens and you may not be able to attend a group class on time, but please refrain from walking your azz in front of EVERYONE else who got there on time. Okay, we see that you have tightened up your abs and you’re feeling good, we are excited for you, but boo, we all got here and think we’re the shyt too. When I am late for a group class, I get my behind to the back of the room because getting in front of someone and violating their personal space is rude as hell.

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Stop Playing on Your Cell Phone

There are in fact some instructors who include taking selfies in their classes during specific songs, but please don’t have an entire conversation during group class. Just step outside for a second and take the phone call. Attending group classes is about focusing on your health and fitness. You are focusing on building your confidence, losing or maintaining weight, and taking time out for yourself. If your cell phone matter is not an emergency, posting another Instagram photo can wait. I usually will take a photo before and after class just to show that I started out looking like a beautiful curvaceous diva, and I end looking like…well lets just say I look totally different by the end of the class and maybe not so fabulous.

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My Message To All Curvy Girls

Bee Confident and Get In Front of the Class

Okay my curvy girls, when I first started Zumba, I was scared to get in front of the class. When I was still learning Zumba, I didn’t want anyone to see me make mistakes. I quickly learned that group classes are not just for those who move well to music, it is for women and men to keep moving and build their confidence through their health and fitness journey. I told myself that I was beautiful and if I messed up the steps, I would just do my own thing until I got back on the right track. Defeat your fear and anxiety and forget about those around you. It’s about building confidence in yourself and remembering that you’re fabulous no matter who is in the group class.

Group Class Etiquette:
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No matter your situation, it is very important for everyone to maintain their civility and not try to beat each other’s azzes over group class etiquette. I promise gym fighting is not the road to happiness.

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