A toxic work environment can take an emotional tole on your emotional well-being. Why? Because you have to see these damn people more than you see your own family. There are instances in which you are drowning in a toxic work environment and are unable to reach the surface of personal happiness.

I have had many great experiences in which I have transformed work relationships into life-long personal relationships. But really, we all know this isn’t an ongoing occurrence. There are work environments that are downright toxic to our overall well-being unless you know how to navigate through the brimstone.

Toxic Work EnvironmentStop Taking Shyt Too Personal

What I have learned through observing my own responses to toxic or hostile working environments is I take shyt too personal. You really can’t take things personal when working with diverse personalities. There is always a coworker who doesn’t speak to you out of spite, or there’s the office gossip bytch who often finds things about you he or she doesn’t like. Anyone would take this personal, but what if we didn’t? What if you knew what to expect and just didn’t give a flying shyt? What does their vitriol have to do with your overall happiness? Work is work. The purpose of work is to earn money, not make friends, or for people to stroke your ego.

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Stop Internalizing

The problem with internalizing every opinion or criticism is it eats away at your overall happiness.  Leave the toxicity at the office, and look forward to the love and happiness waiting for you in your personal life.

Just remember, toxic coworkers may have personal problems brewing within themselves. Instead of addressing their own troubles, they lash out at the easiest targets at work. That’s fine, be that target. As long as the bytches aren’t physically aggressive towards you, just maintain your professionalism and get the job done.

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