Political Stress Chronicles: ICE Raids and Gun Violence During Bloody Weekend

This week in the political stress chronicles, ICE raids and gun violence sends the United States into chaos with hundreds of immigrants being arrested and many people senselessly murdered by insane active shooters. How are we supposed to maintain healthy emotional well-being when there is so much stress and anxiety entering our lives?

National ICE Raids

If you haven’t observed the the scenes of crying children because their parents are no longer available to care for them, then you must be on vacation in another country with no television or internet connection. There are stories in which ICE agents are raiding company warehouses and detaining anyone who they believe is not an American citizen. These immigrants are being arrested at businesses in which the owners are perfectly aware of their immigrant status. If the US government is adamant about punishing immigrant families, the government should also punish the businesses who are employing these workers for minuscule wages. Our own “President” has hired illegal immigrants for his golf courses and hotels and he has suffered no penalties. How to stop that anger and anxiety that we feel about these raids? I have limited my social media and television time because there is only so much sadness you can take in one day.

Gun Violence

I may get into trouble for these comments about gun violence, but at this point it doesn’t really matter. How many deaths by guns have to occur before the “President” and the Republicans decide that the gun lobby will never care about lost lives. In the past few days, there was an active shooter in California at a garlic festival, an active shooter in Walmart in Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. These recent acts of gun violence are being referred to as the Bloody Weekend. So many people continue to die by the AK-47 and not one Republican is ready and willing to ban this assault weapon. People aren’t safe to have family outings or go grocery shopping in our country anymore. How to decrease your anxiety about active shooters in your community? I just don’t have the perfect answer for that. I have started completing my grocery shopping from home through a phone app, Instacart. If I want to order fast food, I order through Door Dash. It’s a shame that we are searching for safer ways to live our lives without getting shot or experiencing an active shooter situation.

ICE Raids and Gun Violence Unleashed on the United States during a bloody weekend.

Today, President Trump gave an interview in front of the White House to address the Bloody weekend. He promised better background checks to decrease gun violence. Due to the so-called president lying through his false teeth every second of the day, who really believes that he will actually do anything about back ground checks. If the president and Republicans believe that guns aren’t the problem and mental health is the culprit, then why the financial cuts to medical insurance and the attempt to repeal the Affortable Care Act (ACA) without a replacement.

Political Stress

I have to admit that prior to setting boundaries on how much political news I received in a week, I was having chest pains and was angry at the direction of our country. I will continue to post my Political Stress chronicles once a week to ensure that I know what is going on in our country. Knowledge is power and if you are ignorant to your surroundings, you open yourself up to gun violence. Be aware and love one another!!!


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