Lady Gaga got it right in her speech at Yale when she emphasized the realization that we unconsciously lie to ourselves and to others. As my last post titled Dictate Your Own Happiness stated, sometimes we give too much of our power to other people instead of making our own happiness.

Although it may be difficult to tell loved ones the straight truth about things, sometimes it is in your own best interest not to lie about things you know you’re not interested in doing.

A huge super star as Lady Gaga said that she is her most happiest when she is able to say no to things that make her unhappy. She explains about the many events she attended and the expectation to act in certain ways. She became confused as to who she really was.

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This can also happen to normal people who aren’t international superstars. We juggle family life, work life, and social lives. Our interactions with all of these folks comes with expectations that you think you can meet. We lie to ourselves and our loved ones because we want them to be happy. But what happens after everyone is happy? You are confused as fck as to who you are as an individual and the unhappiness becomes overwhelming.

I recommend watching this video. It is an eye opener for those who have experienced similar struggles.

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