You’ve seen her on the major awards shows, you’ve heard her voice on the radio, and you’ve definitely seen her fly azz images on Instagram. Lizzo is the ultimate curvy girl of our generation and she flaunts her curves for all to see with no apologies.

Instagram has been a major media revolution for Lizzo as she has no bounds to what she will post; she bares all and we love every minute of it.

When she performs in front of small or large audiences, she wears leotards and spandex like other iconic superstars. She doesn’t mind showing off her magnificent and curvaceous body. She is an inspiration to curvy girls everywhere.

You know you’ve mad it when your back side is all over social media and there are debates about the appropriateness of your outfit. I know you didn’t miss the azz scandal all over the internet. Our ultimate curvy girl went to a Lakers game and she showed her azz in ultimate curvy girl fashion.

Who says that all superstars have to be a size two? Lizzo is a prime example that you can be successful in an industry where your size is highly glamorized. We must not forget that Lizzo is a best at singing, performing, and playing that damn flute.

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