Political Stress Chronicles: Is the Mueller Investigation Causing Your Anxiety?

Stress and anxiety cannot be thoroughly discussed if the conversation is devoid of the negative emotional effects caused by our tumultuous political environment. The infamous Mueller investigation has produced intense anxiety and stress in our country. Although Americans have tried to avoid as much political stress as possible, the media will not allow us any peace from the political demagoguery ravaging our country. Let’s review the recent political saga that has undoubtedly caused political stress in the last few weeks.

Michael Cohen’s Azz

Michael Cohen admitted to perjuring himself by lying to Congress about a Moscow deal to build Trump Tower in Russia. According to the political spin, Putin was slated to have his own presidential suite if the deal was approved. Cohen also admitted that Trump signed a “letter of intent” for the Moscow project, and the loosely-moraled fixer was planning to travel to Russia to smooth out the dirty details. Cohen’s lie doesn’t sit too well with some Americans because a large section of the country are indeed suspicious about Trump’s business dealings and possible election conspiracy with Russia. Conspiratorial intentions were heightened after Trump’s G7 meeting, when he all but licked Puten’s azz in front of the entire world. Of course, Trump admits to nothing and only annoys us with his garbage-filled rants on twitter about a fictional “witch hunt.” Cohen will be sentenced for lying to Congress in December 2018. And just because he cooperated with the special counsel, doesn’t mean he is a character with scruples. He is a liar who only cooperated with Mueller out of pure desperation.

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 Trump Answers Mueller’s Questions

Additionally, Trump has finally finished his written answers and had his legal minions submit them to Robert Mueller. The fact that our president could not provide an oral statement because of his capacity for lying ignites significant feelings of distrust. Now, we wait for Mueller to review the answers of the distrustful beast sitting at the White House (or Golfing at Mara-logo) before handing down a final report to Congress.

Why Political Stress Continues?

Just by reviewing our messy political environment, it is obvious that political stress is not just some made up words for people who disagree with governmental policy. Political stress occurs when the masses experience ongoing fear because of the constant chaos from its leadership. At the very top of the government, a narcissistic lunatic may have conspired with a Russian adversary. Moreover, let’s not forget that our elected officials have been complicit in Trump’s treachery. Furthermore, there are women and children being pepper-sprayed at our southern border, the stock market is unpredictable, and thousands of people are losing their jobs because of Trump tariffs.

How to relieve Political Stress?

In my previous article regarding political stress, I advised my readers that avoidance was the best coping strategy for relieving stress brought on by our chaotic government. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no way of getting away from the stress triggered by our political debacle; everywhere you go, the news is blaring from electronic devices or inserted on social media timelines. There is no escaping the political climate of America until Americans stand together and demand a change of our executive branch. Rock your vote in 2020 my people. The sanity of us all is at stake.


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Mueller Investigation

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