Political Stress Chronicles: Nancy Pelosi won the battle! Who will win the war?

It has been a stressful month for all Americans who have compassion for our fellow countryman and women who serve at the Federal Level of our government. Trump lost this one battle and was forced to reopen the government because the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, basically told our orange cream pie, “not today bytch.”

I created the Political Stress Chronicles for this emotional wellness blog because our government is literally stressing me the fck out. I am not a Federal worker, but I empathize with the 800,000 Americans who were affected by this senseless government shutdown.

This will be the Trump legacy. McDonald Trump!

No matter your political views, the United States is a great country. I can’t say that we don’t have major problems, because Lawd, we have problems leaking from Donald Trump’s vermin-infested azz. But the fact that this government was shut down over a border wall has fueled such anger and disgust in my entire being. Not to mention the fact that after the government workers weren’t paid, the President still didn’t get any funding for the border. So to those Americans who missed two paychecks, it was all for nothing…NOTHING!

The government has reopened for three weeks! But wait, before you breathe a sigh of relief, Donald Trump twitter bombed all Americans that if he doesn’t get his wall funding, he will either close the government again, or declare a state of emergency. Bytch why?

I do agree that border security is important, but it ain’t in no damn way a national emergency. What is a national emergency is the danger we are facing while having an alleged Russian asset sitting in the White House. He is lifting sanctions off of Russian oligarchs, AND… Trump seems to be extremely concerned about licking Putin’s ball sack of evil. I don’t know about you, but licking evil ball sack is just not moral. 🙂

This political stress I have been feeling is aimed more at the Republicans for allowing a brain dead cave man to usurp their party, and make them look like total azzholes. We understand how politics work. If Republicans go against their senile leader, they won’t stand a chance at reelection. Ok, I understand that Republican senators want to keep their jobs, bythes and bytchettes, it’s time for y’all to take this motherfckr down. He is destroying the people’s faith in government, and making our country look like a damn insane asylum for racists, lunatics, and the unintelligent.

My respect for the Republicans diminished exponentially when Obama was office. They treated a good man like dirt. But once this overweight orange twat was elected, its as if Republicans have been castrated and left in the desert to bleed out. Both Republicans and Democrats must take back our country from Donald Trump and his privileged crime family of plastic Barbie doll mannequins.

3 thoughts on “Political Stress Chronicles: Nancy Pelosi won the battle! Who will win the war?

    1. He is only governing to appease his base and now all Americans. It’s really sad to see our fellow Americans suffering because Trump is a giant toddler.

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