Happy New Years my fellow curvy girls! I hope your New Years was just as weird and fun filled as mine. I have recently gotten back into my groove of staying stress free and living life to the fullest. Often this includes me trying  new things, as I did with Zumba over a year ago. For all of my curvy queens who love to move your body to musical grooves, I implore you to take a dance class or participate in an event that focuses on getting hype as shyt and moving your body as wildly as possible, no matter how crazy you look.

Zumba Costume Party

Early in the New Year, I was stoked to attend a Zumba costume party themed “Revenge of the Nerds.” The event was at a skating rink with varying colors of lights, and lots of room to shake that azz. Of course I am the queen of doing the most and I wanted to wear a special costume that permeated my awkward personality. I’d known about this event for some time and I was so excited because costumes are my shyt, and I love me some damn Zumba.

It is true that when you are doing something you love, you really could care less about the moves, what people think about you, or any problems you’re having at home. I walked out onto the skating rink floor knowing that I was gonna swing my hips, kick my legs, and swing my hair (it was a wig, but whatever). The Zumba instructor who coordinated the event was energetic during the entire Zumba class. I swear she is super woman because I was about to fall out by the end of the event, while she had energy to spare. And there was a soul train line, people! Hot Damn!

In terms of mental and physical wellness, allowing your body to let go, to lose yourself in all types of music and dance styles is very therapeutic. Although after the Zumba event I was walking like a dying chicken, I felt invigorated!

Samba Classes

Prior to the New Year, I once more decided that trying new things that peaked my interest was a fabulous way to combat stress. So now, I am taking Caribbean Samba classes on Saturdays. I’ve always admired Samba dancers for their beauty and stamina in Parades, and once I took one class, I respected them a lot more. Samba isn’t just shaking your azz, you really have to learn techniques and a new language for moving your body. But getting back to stamina, if you have none, you are in a heap of shyt. My long-term goal includes improving my stamina because a sistah be out of breath and wondering what the hell did I get into. However, as I listen to the music and maneuver my body to those drum beats, I fall in love it with and can’t get enough.

Have you decided to try something new in your life to decrease stress or improve your overall well-being? Please Like and Share!

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