The unrealistic beauty standards of our society causes normal women to feel less beautiful, and less worthy of being happy. Young women and girls are exposed to media campaigns and beauty magazines that display these perfect women draped in expensive clothes and dawned with pounds of makeup. This is just the reality of our society. But today, an internet troll decided that she would try to shame me and other curvy women because we may not fit the unrealistic beauty image of society. Well, it’s time to put this body shaming bytch on blast.

The Truth About Internet Trolls

I enjoy engaging in substantive conversations with different people online, but then there are internet trolls whose sole purpose in life is to tear people down and subject others to as much hurt as possible. Internet bullies struggle in their own stink, and often want others to experience the utter trash that is their life. Today, an internet troll commented on my link to The Curvy Girls blog, and decided to post:

Online Bullies and Internet Trolls Body Shame Curvaceous Babes


I am experienced in dealing with shyt-filled bastards without manners, so I politely explained what the word “curvy” means in the context of this blog.

When I think of curvy, I think of all women. All women have curves; some are just more pronounced than others. Yet we are all beautiful.

Well, classless bullies will continue to bully, and internet trolls will continue to troll for their next victim. This disgusting individual decided to visit my blog (thanks by the way) under a new profile name (why she picked Donald Trump is beyond my comprehension) to further state:


I’ve seen the pic of you on Facebook, and hunty it’s not like you’re slated to win any beauty pageants any time soon. It’s too bad that you are not intelligent enough to understand the concept of this blog.

All women have curves. All women don’t have to be the same size to emanate beauty and confidence. But you serve as an example of why there are so many children and adults who figuratively drown in low self-esteem. Internet trolls and online bullies are only brave enough to say aweful shyt from behind a computer screen. In real life, you would have gotten your azz stomped into the floor. But for now, I want you to know that the readers of this blog are not here for your trash and insults. We are here for inspiration and support.

Curvy Girls are the shyt, cowardly bytch.


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