Having an outlet for anxiety is probably the best medicine you can take to get through your day. I’ve started dance aerobics and it has become an obsession. Dance aerobics not only accentuates my curves, but is is the best stress reliever.

My Personal Outlet for Anxiety Involves Shaking My Azz

About one year ago, my anxiety had gotten so bad, that I started to feel depressed. I was gaining weight and was miserable. Well, one day, I decided to attend a Zumba class at my local gym, not knowing that it would change my life forever.

outlet for anxiety

As soon as I started winding my hips and swaying to the music, I knew that I’d found a release for built-up anxiety. Although I am a working mother, wife, and student, I made time at least three times a week to go shake my azz.

I threw myself into the culture of Zumba; I bought the hip scarves and colorful tights. I am never bored while dancing. I put on makeup and make my hair wild and exotic. The environment is so relaxed and fun and it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert dancer or someone with no rhythm. Its all positive vibes and music.

After each class, I relax in the sauna and listen to music. It is probably the most calming routine I’ve adopted since actively addressing my anxiety. I’ve always thought that anxiety would just be something that I would always struggle with, but with Zumba, I can relax my body and boost confidence I never knew I had. We all have something that makes us happy, we must take part in those activities to shut off the anxiety at least for a while.

What is your outlet for anxiety?

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