Political Stress Chronicles: Meghan McCain Sabotages Emotional Well-being

In my political stress chronicles, it is important for me to highlight the hardcore American sweetheart/demon seed, Meghan McCain. She is unintentionally destroying the emotional well-being of many Americans because we can’t watch The View without her having a damn spastic tantrum of magnanimous proportions. Watching The View is giving me all kinds of anxiety up and out the azz.

Meghan McCain’s Emotional Abuse of the Public (Just Joking of Course)

The problem with Meghan is that she takes every comment or criticism about the GOP too seriously. All of the women on the panel have different political ideas, and often are able to properly express their thoughts in a way that doesn’t piss everyone the fck off.

Every time we look up, home-chick is freaking out on her fellow co-hosts. The View is not the Jerry Springer Show where one chick beats the shyt out of another for sleeping with her baby daddy. The cast of The View are sitting around a table to discuss their opinions intelligently, and yes, sometimes there are some verbal scuffles. But every time we look up, Meghan has dug in someone’s azz, and you know they want to violently beat her azz in return.

Meghan McCain vs. Joy Behar

Recently, the death of our late President, George Bush, sparked a very testy moment for the two very opinionated women. Although I can see both  points of view in this clip, there is always a way to address someone who you are in disagreement with, and most of the time it’s by keeping your mouth shut.

Joy was making the comparison between the late President Bush and the current ongoing disaster, Donald Trump, in the context of their pollution policies. President Bush was more progressive in his policies to combat pollution, and Trump, well, he doesn’t know what planet on which he resides so… I knew what she was trying to say, but whether it was appropriate to speak about that right after the man’s death, that’s a personal opinion. I thought it was complimentary to President Bush. It seemed that she was trying to highlight a positive aspect of his administration.

However, our hardcore sweetheart/demon seed, and favorite Republican on the show out of the blue shut Behar down mid-comment, and declared it inappropriate for Behar to bring up Trump when speaking about the former president. If you were watching the show live, you probably reacted as I did, “Oh shyt, this bytch bout ta get it.”

No matter your opinions about the timing of Behar’s comments, Meghan could have held her tongue out of respect for her coworker and a woman who has extensive experience verbally beating people’s azzes while sitting in that damn chair. Behar has been on this show for what, 20 years. Yes Meghan, we have excepted you as the die-hard Republican on the panel, but where do you get the bronzy balls to tell a grown azz woman what she should not be speaking about while doing her damn job.



Meghan McCain vs. Whoopie

Not only has Meghan dug in Behar’s azz, she has also attempted to shut down Whoopie Goldberg with her hostile antics. Again, it’s okay to have differing opinions, but Meghan’s tantrums erupts all kinds of anger and anxiety in my soul. I have always considered Whoopie to be the more layed back of the panelists, but even Whoopie has had to snap the shyt out of Meghan for getting out of line.

The problem again, is Whoopie is a veteran on The View. She deserves respect just as Whoopie respects Meghan. These women add commentary about politics and anything trending in our news. You can’t have tantrums on national television because you disagree with an opinion, when it’s your job to hear other people’s opinions.

Let’s Stop Saying Meghan McCain Needs To Go

Although Meghan disrupts all the peace and love in my heart, she is genuine entertainment. Come on guys, you have to admire some aspects of her character. Her balls are probably bigger than Trumps, and she’s got some damn nerve directly confronting veteran co-hosts.

Now half of the time I can’t stand this chick’s political opinions. I think it super weird that she excitedly attests to having the founding fathers nailed to her wall at home (wtf girl?). But there is never a dull moment. The women of the view represent all of us in this country. There is always someone who will rock the boat, and Meghan be pushing that bad boy over with a vengeance. But there is a balance on this panel. You do have the veteran panelists who don’t mind putting this crazy chick in her place, and the crazy chick don’t give a shyt because she suffers from extreme high self-esteem.

The show is still awesome no matter how much our Republican demon seed acts out with her hostile tantrums. She sort of reminds me a female Trump, but intelligent and likable.

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