Political Stress in Trump’s America

After the midterm elections, no matter the results, turn off the news and disconnect from social media to prevent political stress. Try to take your mind off of the state of our country and disconnect from all of the political spin and fear mongering. Unlike no other time in our country, politics is causing Americans depression, fear, anger, and anxiety.

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I use to characterize myself as a political junkie during previous administrations, but nowadays, it seems that I am always angry at our government.

I found that watching the news after work was causing physical ailments such as a raising heart beat and chest pain. I felt so many emotions just from watching television that I had to disconnect from cable news and social media for a bit to prevent further political stress.

The amount of politics we are exposed to daily has been increased exponentially since social media became a major source of information dissemination.

The political news is shared on Facebook and Twitter every few minutes. The major news outlets have numerous staff to share these news articles throughout the day, saturating Americans with all the nonsense emanating from both political parties.

Political stress can only be treated by ignoring the racist, xenophobic, and sexist articles that causes intense feelings.

Our media has never been so polarized than now, and everyone tries to have their voices heard. I used to comment on Facebook political articles, and it just made me angrier when people didn’t agree with my personal perspective. I took a step back and realized that I was putting more into commenting on social media than actually changing anything. The only way to change the political landscape and preventing more political stress is casting a vote on behalf of your self-interests.


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