President Trump is a National Plague

President Trump has truly become a national plague that reaches throughout the United States and across the oceans that separates continents. The last few months have undoubtedly been the most stressful as our society is constantly plagued with political worries that penetrate the mind, body, and spirit. Political matters have become so complex that people are happy to disconnect from other humans and binge watch their favorite series on Netflix with a healthy sized glass of red wine. Can we have a damn reprieve?

Never Thought Politics Would Become a Source of Stress in Your Life?

Politics has grown into a significant source of stress for Americans nowadays because of a chaotic relationship between two political parties and a half-wit president who is only driven by revenge. I understand that conservative and liberal politics are mirror opposites, but why does every political matter have to negatively consume our lives. The political landscape has transformed into this unpredictable horrific nightmare where we are waiting for the next neutron bomb to be launched.


Now that we have the news that our president isn’t a Russian spy, according to our new attorney general, Bill Barr, I thought we would move on to the normal governance of our country. What an idiot I was to think things would get back to whatever normal used to be before our politicians started to care only for their personal enrichment. The president, with Republican support, is now focusing on repealing Obamacare/Affortable Care Act, without any plan to replace the healthcare bill. If this news wasn’t stressful to you, then maybe you’re a shallow cunt who doesn’t care about your fellow Americans. Those dependent on the different aspects of the bill, prefer coverage of pre-existing conditions and allowing children to remain on a family healthcare plan until the age of twenty-six.

Just when we thought Trump was #winning after being vindicated as a Russian puppet, he drills another hole and starts sinking his own damn ship once again by aiming to abolish a bill that benefits so many Americans. I don’t think Obamacare is perfect, but instead of improving the bill, the president wants to get rid of it altogether. When does this political nightmare end so I can stop worrying about people losing benefits that improve their lives.

I don’t know about you out there, but I am exhausted from all of this political chaos in our country. I am tired of Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC telling us over and over again that there is “breaking news” about our president and members of our political parties. Politics should be a matter in which we think of fondly because our government is working for Americans, but in the last ten years, there has been an ideological shift in our governing structure and I, quite frankly, am tired of hearing about this bull shyt on a daily basis. You can’t run from the news because it’s on your Twitter feed, your Facebook feed, even on Youtube. We need a break from this political chaos. Why can’t we have a holiday in which there is no coverage of politics and the president’s twitter account is suspended?

What are your thoughts my peeps?

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