Self-Reflection journaling isn’t a new trend in battling anxiety or analyzing coping skills. It’s rather therapeutic and allows you to redirect your focus from the bull shyt of the day, analyze your thoughts, and set new goals. 



Self-Reflection Journaling and Creating Lists

Recently, I started a self reflection journal because of multiple things weighing on my shoulders. There are so many things in life that I want to enjoy, but there is so little time.I had to make a list of my desires and expound on the reasons why each one could wait because there were more pressing matters to be addressed.

I’ve noticed that without the journal, I would dive face forward into any desired opportunity without thinking of the load I’d be taking on. I would spend the money, be interested for about two weeks, and then another very important project would present itself.


Self-Reflection Journaling and the Benefits

The journal helps me prioritize my life and have deep considerations before making life changing decisions. It keeps me on track and ensures that I analyze my behaviors for self-improvement…and  lets just say  it also lets me get out rants about idiots I accidentally bumped into that day.

I dedicated an entire four pages to my job. Something is definitely wrong when your cause for stress and anxiety is something that you do every day. There were so many concerns that I listed and I was able to determine that I was allowing my job to become my entire life. You are supposed to work to live, not live to work. I will be reflecting on making changes to the approach to my career and I’m quite excited about it.

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