Stress and emotional eating can be one of the biggest challenges for Curvy Girls. Life in itself can be stressful, but when everyday stress interacts with unexpected stressors, emotional eating is an easy, but unhealthy way of curving stress and anxiety.

Stress and Emotional Eating
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I experienced an event recently that shook me straight to the core. I experienced anger, sadness, and fear concurrently. I admit, I went straight to Del Taco and ate an order of those delicious donut bites and drank a large strawberry lemonade. Yeah, I admit that I allowed stress to lead me down a road of unhealthy behavior. Thank goodness I had Zumba that same night, because I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle by changing my eating habits; but, I can’t deny that stress and anxiety is something that I am challenged with consistently.

When we are stressed, we automatically choose comfort food. Comfort food is usually filled with carbohydrates to fill us up and put us to sleep. No lie, after I ate the tasty donuts, this Curvy Girl fell asleep in a food drunken haze and didn’t wake up until it was time for me to attend my Zumba class.

Even though I love Zumba, after eating and drinking badly, I had less energy and I was sluggish when it was time to shake my azz. I was literally too fckn heavy to shake and join in on the excitement along with the class. There was even a time when I was about to walk out of the class altogether.

This wasn’t only about my unhealthy binge, it was about my stress levels too. When you are stressed, you are unable to concentrate on the task at hand. You really can’t enjoy yourself when life hits you hard and you can’t respond appropriately. As soon as I started feeling stress and anxiety, I should have taken a walk, or I should have made a better food choice. But it’s easy being bad! It’s easy to continue bad habits.

What are some alternative ways I could have behaved in order to deal with stress to avoid bad habits?

  • Talk to someone who understands me.
  • Write Down the stressor and address my feelings regarding the stressor.
  • Take a brisk walk
  • Attend a Yoga Class
  • Take a hot bath

This Curvy Girl fckd up! But That’s Life!

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