Let’s face facts! Us Curvy Girls carry a heavy load and manage a to-do list a mile long. If we’re not raising children and catering to their every need, we are taking on the problems of the world. Our dilemma is there is only 24 hours in a day and you can’t get everything done without sacrificing your self-care. So here are 5 awesome ways to incorporate self-care activities into your daily routine.

Incorporate Self-care Into the Workplace

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Self-care is not only essential for your home space, it is also a very important component to your work space! Here are just a few self-care activities for the curvy and beautiful…

Don’t forget that our environment plays a huge role in our mental wellness. If your work space has been the same for five years, you may need to update and expand the look. From speaking with many working curvy girls, they often try to make their work space as stress-free as possible. Some use essential oils to ensure that they stay relaxed. Some curvy girls like to add visual components that elevate happiness, such as family photos, or even photos of their favorite celebrity. Whatever you do to update your work space, it will assist in your wellness journey.

  • Keep Positive Coworkers Close

It’s very easy to get physically and emotionally drained by negative coworkers at the workplace. In my interviews for this article, I interviewed a curvy girl who says she utilizes her headphones a lot to avoid negative coworkers who complain on the regular, and she has lunch with her positively inclined  coworkers. There has to be a more positive energy in your work space than negative energy. Sometimes those who are more inclined to be negative also want to include more people in their negative universe. We can’t have that my fellow curvy queens!

  • Unplug from Work Activities 

Most employers allow their workers at least two 15 minute breaks throughout the work day. If you’re a workaholic like myself, you pretty much work through any breaks or lunches just to meet the demands of the job. Instead, get on Amazon and do some shopping or check your social media to stay connected to your friends. It’s okay to unplug from the demands of a career. There are some working women who make it a habit to take a brisk walk during their lunch breaks. Not only is this a healthy self-care activity, you are unplugging from the grueling work day just a for a bit. Here are other self-care activities that can be done for the working woman.

Engage in Visualization Techniques to Manifest Success and Emotional Wellness!

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Despite our heavy load, we still have our own life goals to manifest. Take at least 10 to 15 minutes of visualizing your next steps in life.  Visualization is a form of meditation which helps you become more creative and motivated to achieve your goals. The process of visualization is very simple and can easily be included into your daily routine as it is only a form of goal- oriented meditation. Your 10-15 minutes  of meditation can take place on the floor of your bedroom, in your bed, or where you feel the most comfortable. You focus on your breath and start visualizing your desired goals. This is an ongoing process and your manifestation  does not occur overnight. Keep taking moments to focus on your goals and ways to fulfill those goals. To learn more how to incorporate visualization meditation into your life and achieve success, click here.

Keep a Self-care Journal for Mental & Emotional Wellness

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Keeping a traditional self-care journal is beneficial to your mental and emotional wellness. As busy Curvy Girls, we process many thoughts throughout the day from personal interactions to goals that we wish to pursue. Writing down your daily interactions, your daily emotional status, and things that need to get done for your sanity is best done by writing it all down.

  • Keep a Digital self-care Journal

Journaling doesn’t always have to consist of writing in a traditional notebook of paper. There are plenty of journaling apps that you can install on your cellular phone just in case you want to take a minute to journal about your thoughts in the moment. If you have an iPhone, you can use the Notes app to create your personal journal. There are other journaling apps that can be downloaded from the app store that allows you to protect your privacy with passwords. You can upload pictures and even voice recordings to your digital journal.

Keep a Self-care Calendar

Yes, there is a such thing as a self-care calendar. Every curvy girl who is a parent has her trusted calendar of personal and family-oriented events. Why not log your personal self-care activities to make sure that you are being consistent in your routine. I interviewed one curvy girl who explained that she rights down “SF”(self-care) at 8pm on every calendar day to ensure that she takes time for self-care after she finishes work and family activities. Everyday at 8pm, she participates in an activity that helps with her emotional wellness. Some times being consistent in self-care is as simple making it apart of your daily schedule on your monthly calendar.

Maintain Contact With Your Curvy Girl Tribe

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Take time out of your day to call or send a text message to your best gal pal. Family is important, but your tribe of gal pals are equally as essential to your emotional wellness.  Let’s be honest, sometimes our friends are more privy to our deepest and darkest secrets. We are also prone to be more open about life events and feelings with a our gal pals. Keep your tribe on speed dial at least a few times a week to ensure you maintain that social connection.

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