Top 5 Weight Management Tips. Losing weight is already a great accomplishment, but managing your weight can be problematic for us curvy girls.

My Top 5 Weight Management Tips

Top 5 Weight Management Tips
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My personal experience is an example of the difficult challenge of keeping off weight. I lose weight and gain weight, that is the story of a curvy bee’s life. In the last year, I have lost approximately 40 lbs, but 10 of those pounds have returned; but the key is just never give up. I have made it a mission to manage my weight and hope these top 5 weight management tips help you in your journey too.

1. Plan Meal Days and Cheat Days

This is easier than you think, but sometimes we curvy girls are so busy being fabulous…and busy, that we wake up rushing without thinking about our apetites. And let’s be realistic, we can’t ALWAYS be thinking about dieting and watching what we eat. We have to be realistic and healthy.

I give myself cheat days, usually on the weekends, Friday and Saturday. I allow myself to eat very fried fast food. I have an addiction to Popeye’s. During the work week, I pack a lunch and will not allow myself to have any fast food unless it’s a salad. Most of my meals during the week are accompanied by water or zero calorie flavored water. You can make your own weekly eating intentions plan and stick to it to determine whether it works for you. Remember, curvy girls are busy being fabulous, our minds can’t always be filled with portion control and management. Damn, we have lives too.

2. Keep It Moving

For some reason, us curvy beez believe that we must always participate in heart pounding excessive exercise to maintain our weight or just to be healthy; this idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are many women who take 15 minute breaks at work, just to walk around the complex of their business. They kick off those work heels, and slide on their tennis shoes just to keep it moving through the day. Managing your weight and your sexy curves is not always about grueling training. There are many curvy bees who like to walk around their neighborhoods or at their local parks. There is always a chance to keep moving, even in the comfort of your own home.

On the days that I can’t make it to my Zumba class, I do housework that makes me sweat. I’m sweeping, making up beds, walking back and forth putting things in their proper places. And there are always YouTube videos that are just as good as trainers at the gym.

3. Keep Your Water Buddy Handy

My water  buddy is a canteen filled with ice and water that I drag along with me wherever I go. It’s pretty beat up now after using it over a year, but it keeps my water iced cold for at least 24 hours.

You’ve heard this many times before, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. My water buddy is a great staple to my weight management. It is so damn easy to forget to drink water if you’re a busy working mother or a student staying up late writing a paper.

I have to admit though, sometimes I get so tired of water just thinking of it makes me sick. My remedy, I’ve tried flavored water when I have cravings for juice or soda. I don’t consume too much of the flavored water, but it does hit the spot when a girl is about pick up a strawberry coke.

4. Keep Healthy and Enjoyable Snacks on Hand

Those who are often counting calories or managing their portions often get pretty hungry throughout the day. The only way to get through those hunger pangs is to have a healthy snack on hand. Recently, I’ve started keeping broccoli bites in my lunch…BUT LET’S GET REAL, broccoli will not help stave off the binge eating that will ultimately occur if you don’t eat snacks you enjoy. I’ve started pairing broccoli bites with cheese squares. Yeah, its dairy, but it will cure those hunger pangs until my next healthy meal. It will prevent me from eating a hamburger and fries as a snack. I’ve also kept pretzels in my purse when I’ve felt hungry on the go. I’m just a realist.

5. Curve Late Night Eating

So, you’re up watching scary movies with your boo, and you’re hungry as hell and need something to tie you over. Don’t do it girl! Don’t eat too heavy, too late, too often, because it definitely packs on the pounds in just a few weeks. I know from experience.

Although eating prior to 8 PM is a good practice, we also should be very realistic regarding our eating habit. If you are up late, you most likely want something very filling and most likely it’s bread. My favorites are the Hawaiian roles because they are sweet and filling at the same damn time. I have totally taken those out of my night time snacking routine. Instead, I drink plenty of water prior to eating a small snack. I’ve started eating pieces of ham or a few spoons of peanut butter to help with munching at night.

I hope that my Top 5 Weight Management Tips are helpful to you. I am currently implementing these tips and will update you on my progress.

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  1. Great tips! I keep saying I’m going to use my 15 min to walk or work on my abs. I have a weakness for Pepsi do I may try flavor water!

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