Weekly self-reflection benefits our emotional well-being and prevents life regrets. I find that without weekly self-reflection, I get a little lost, and I lose site of my goals and values. I also start allowing others to influence me in ways that are opposite of my thinking and behaviors. Look, fck human beings and live your best life.

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Prior to learning about self-reflection, I felt months and years pass me by, leaving me wondering exactly where did the time go, and what did I get accomplished during that time of aimlessly wavering through life.

This week, I want to reflect on my value, and embracing my true self. Both women and men often sell themselves short because of fear, low self-esteem, or other life challenges. The dark negative thoughts become overwhelming, which stunts our emotional growth. It also decreases our energy and prevents us from embarking on new adventures.

How to Embrace Yourself?

  • No longer allow other people to dictate your happiness. No longer care about the negative thoughts and feelings of others, because other people’s feelings are none of your business. The only feelings that matter are yours.
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  • Accept that you are a being with qualities of love and resilience. Life can throw rocks your way, but you will inevitable weather the damage.
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  • Never allow anyone to have so much power that they force you to become someone you’re not. Engage in activities that make you happy. Always move past the negative critics and find someone who only has your best interest at heart.
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We only live one life guys! Why waist our time caring about the opinions of others? While you continue in a depressed state and feeling discouraged, the critics continue to life their happy lives. So fck them and make your life a big azz party.


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