Zumba usually puts me to sleep when I get home from all the sexy azz shaking and fast-paced dance moves. It literally is the cure for insomnia due to the consistent exhaustion of energy. It is a fun version of night-time sleepy medication for many curvy girls.

Insomnia comes and goes for me. But when I take a does of Zumba in the evening, I never have any trouble falling asleep. I’m pretty sure this is the case for many aerobics or strenuous exercises you enjoy in the evening.

Right after evening Zumba, I take a hot shower, oil my body down, and usually fall asleep watching an episode of The Golden Girls. It is the best sleep I’ve gotten in years.

Zumba Fitness for Insomnia
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Zumba Fitness for Saturday Napping

I currently take a Saturday morning Zumba class and it is on fckn point. The problem is, after this one morning class, I want to take a hot shower followed by a long azz nap. I know it doesn’t sound problematic, but when you have little ones and a hubby, you can’t just check out after working out. It has come to a point where the hubby expects me to take a long nap after my Zumba class and doesn’t mind at all. He has been such a support in my health and fitness journey.

Happiness Provoking Activities

I chose Zumba for a reason. As you get older, you sometimes start questioning your sexiness and beauty. Not everyone has anxiety and self-esteem issues, but I have experienced them both on and off all my life. Zumba was just the right fit for me because for one hour a few times a week, I can be as sexy and wild as I like, and I don’t care about what others think of me. Zumba has been such a confidence booster. It has been the only workout routine I have stuck to…EVER.

zumba fitness for insomnia
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It’s so important for us Curvy Girls, to find something that makes us happy. We have to find something that makes us forget about our problems and our shortcomings. At the end of the day, life is too short not to engage in happiness provoking activities.

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